Am I Still Welcome in America?

I wonder daily if I’m welcome in Trump’s America. Trump refuses to denounce David Duke, failed to speak out about Charlottesville, creates a “zero-tolerance” policy separating families seeking asylum. He spreads propaganda about the caravan filled with asylum seekers but he failed to call out the domestic terrorist who attempted to kill 2 former Presidents, a former Secretary of State, former Attorney General, former VP, former CIA director, two sitting Senators, a sitting member of Congress, American Citizens and CNN news. The GOP leadership condones or at best excuses his abhorrent behavior. Fox news, Rush Limbaugh, Anne Coulter, Lou Dobbs, and others spread his propaganda.
Today, on the Sabbath, at a Place of Worship, eleven people were killed for being Jewish. This follows the murder of 2 Black people in a Kroger’s parking lot. The intent of their murder was to shoot up a Historically Black Church but when that plan failed he randomly killed these 2 souls who were killed just because of their skin color.
My heart is breaking. I knew the violence would come it was just a question of when, or where but not by whom. Yes, I knew it would be White Supremacists. I am a descendant of Revolutionary War Patriots. I also know my grandparents’ story of fleeing the Pogroms in Russia. I’ve known and experienced antisemitism from the age of seven. My children are biracial but I have always felt welcome in this my Country. Lately, I ask is it still my Country? Am I still welcome here? And for asking this and questioning the policy and leadership style of President Trump I have been branded a hate monger by people who freely criticized other presidents and I respected their Constitutional right to do so. So I must ask am I still welcome here?


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