Modern Day Sophie’s Choice At the Border Makes Me Ask Where Are the Pro Life Christians?

by Mary Ellen Popkin

Refugees fleeing the Northern Triangle are facing a Sophie’s choice dilemma. Do they risk, death, family separation, illness, and terror to leave their homeland. Unlike Sophie, who was already trapped by a brutal regime determined to torture or murder her and her children these people are praying America will have a heart.

They pray that the Trump administration will see them as desperate people fleeing political strife, violence, hopelessness and the strong possibility of death for a chance at life.

Like Sophie they are choosing a chance at life. Sophie had to condemn one child to death in order to try and spare her son. This choice haunted her.

If one tries to be empathetic, instead of fearful, you cannot come to any conclusion but to give them a chance. This is especially true if you are a “pro life” Christian. How can you come to any other conclusion? Don’t they at least deserve a chance to go through the asylum seeking process?

Once again I’m baffled by the rush to fear mongering versus pro life particularly in the “Pro life Evangelical Christian” community.

I know there are many Pro life Christian groups working hard to advocate, help, house, feed and care for these refugees. They have been doing this labor of love for decades but we see others following Trump down the clearly un Christian path.

I can understand when these “Christans ” tell me they forgive Trump ‘s affairs, multiple wives, lewd comments even about his own daughter. OK that last one I must admit creeps me out but I’ll give them a pass. I refuse to give them a pass on this dehumanizing, immoral “zero tolerance policy ” that has already separated children. I refuse to give them a pass as we see people stuck on a bridge waiting to cross.

People choosing to jump into the water with their children because they are so desperate they are living Sophie’s choice.

As the granddaughter of Jews who fled the Pogroms in Russia because they were seen as less than human. They were scapegoated by the Romanoff Czar. My family was lucky but we had family who didn’t make it to America but instead fled to Eastern Europe. They were safe for a while until Hitler came along.

That too was a time America and the Catholic Church turned their back on Jewish refugees condemning them to death. Will America and some Churches do the same to these refugees? Will they be condemned to death because they are seen as less than human?

I pray that the Evangelicals around Trump will touch his heart and let him see their humanity, suffering and need.


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