The Women’s Anger Haunts Me More Than His Exposed Penis.

Judged as a slut desiring to “take their man.” “Why else would I be there? are words that still bring me pain.
Fall of 1980 I naively tried to volunteer at the rescue squad. I meet one firefighter that day I drove from my dorm to the local firehouse in Frederick, MD. I wanted to inquire about volunteering for ambulance duty. Confused he said only the guys did that but women cooked. Slightly amused, I told him I volunteered back home and was trained by a female paramedic and EMT. It ended with an invite to the firehouse to meet everyone so I accepted.
It was a friendly scene of men, women and covered dishes. Suddenly, the firefighter who invited me, jumped up on a table and proceeded to introduce me to the crowd. There were nods of approval, giggles and laughter as he proceeded to pull down his pants and pull out his penis.
It was premeditated lewdness and everyone was in on it but me. To this day I ask how and why, weren’t they supposed to be the “good citizens” who volunteered?
Now I see men and women stand behind President Trump as he warns them their husbands, sons, fathers and uncles are in danger of being falsely accused of sexual assault. Instantly, I see similarities in the faces of those people who supported a act of lewdness on an innocent 19 year old girl that day at the firehouse. I still do not understand their rationale, their fear or their anger. I fear they still do not hear my voice.


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